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February 25, 2021


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Roast magazine is proud to present the
Roast Summit | February 25, 2021 | Virtual event

Join us, virtual-style, for one day of all things roasting.


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Check back here for additional updates to the list of speakers and presenters. Click on a presenter's name or photo for more information about them.

With over 25 yrs working in the Coffee Industry, Anne Cooper is an Australian Roaster who has gained extensive experience in many areas of the coffee industry as Barista, Café Owner/Manager, National Barista Trainer & Assessor, Head Roaster/Roasting Production Manager at both a National & International level. A certified Q Grader, Anne regularly attends, volunteers, competes in & judges Regional, National & International Barista, Brewers, Cup Tasting & Roasting competitions in Australia, USA & Brazil. With her consulting company, Equilibrium Master Roasters, Anne continues to develop her extensive roasting skills & knowledge with exposure to a wide range of roasting companies & machines (from large Commercial roasters to small Specialty roasters), various roasting techniques & industry relevant processes & protocols - skills & knowledge she is really passionate about passing on to the next generation of flame keepers!

Anne Cooper
Equilibrium Master Roasters

Rob Hoos has a diverse range of experience within the specialty coffee industry, including training, roasting, green coffee purchasing and writing in a variety of publications including his own books. Rob holds the highest level certificates from the Roasters Guild of America and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). He also works as a subject matter expert, content developer, and instructor for the SCA with a focus on roasting and roastery related topics. Rob is a coffee author and has published many articles in industry publications, as well as blog posts and recently the very successful book - Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee - One Roaster's Manifesto. Rob travels extensively both in and outside the United States where he presents, offers training and consults on all aspects of coffee and roasting. Rob is a sought after speaker at numerous coffee events. You can find him @robhoos on Twitter and Instagram.

Rob Hoos
Coffee expert, author and educator

Candice Madison has worked in specialty coffee for over a decade, as an accomplished barista, roaster, and trainer. She is a Q Arabica Instructor for the Coffee Quality Institute, an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Trainer, teaching on SCA certified campuses, as well as at the annual SCA Event, World of Coffee and Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat. A past World Coffee Events Head Judge, Candice is currently the Director of Roasting at The Crown; Royal Coffee Lab and Tasting Room. Candice focuses on working with those who look to ensure quality in specialty coffee throughout the supply chain. Most important to her work is that it supports sustainable livelihoods for all farmers, producers, and all of those along the value chain, with recognition of the invaluable role that women and people of color play throughout. She has previously been involved in several SCA committees and is currently part of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Task Force working in an advisory capacity to the board and several committees as needed. Her vocation is the unceasing quest for the highest quality of coffee and the constant, sustainable improvement in the quality of the lives of those who produce it.

Candice Madison
The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab

Speaker information coming soon. Check back for details.

Yimara Martinez
Sustainable Harvest

Speaker information coming soon. Check back for details.

Monica Terveer
Sustainable Harvest


Roasting Session
Anne Cooper | Equilibrium Master Roasters
This session is for all levels of experience and will focus on the “real life” aspects of roasting coffee. Watch as Anne Cooper runs through a profile being roasted (recorded), with live commentary from Anne discussing the various points of the profile and why she makes certain adjustments. She will be discussing what goes on during a roast and address how difficult it can potentially be to know who and what is the “right” information to learn & follow. You can expect to leave this session with clear answers to all you’ve wondered about coffee roasting and, most importantly, become more decisive and confident to start the practical application of everything you have learned during the session in your own workplace.

Chasing the Wind: Airflow in Roasting
Rob Hoos | Coffee expert, author and educator
This  lecture will take a very focused look at airflow in coffee roasting. This pragmatic approach will focus heavily on practical ways to both understand what the airflow inside your machine is doing as well as understand how to use it to better control your roasting. From the importance of airflow and air temperature at the beginning of the roast to how I frequently recommend people consider adjusting their airflow (or not during roasting) I will be building a framework to help you achieve your roasting goals whatever they may be. Everyone should expect to see some case studies, talk across multiple different kinds of machines, and have a blast while talking about our passion for roasting specialty coffee.

Into the Green: Water Activity & Coffee Quality
Monica Terveer & Yimara Martinez | Sustainable Harvest
Although water activity is generally well understood in other industries, its usefulness when it comes to assessing green coffee quality is less clearly defined. In this session, Yimara Martinez and Monica Terveer will introduce Sustainable Harvest's research on water activity and discuss its relation to coffee quality -- and why you should care. If you're curious how water activity is measured, its relationship to moisture content, the extent to which it affects the cup score and shelf life of green coffee, and what implications these findings have for roasters and producers, then this session is for you.

More sessions still to be announced. Check back here for more details.


February 25th • 9:00 am–3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time


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