Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Cleveland, OH hiring Coffee Director. We are looking for a talented and dedicated coffee director to oversee our coffee program. Ideal candidates would have a minimum of three to five years of roasting, cupping, and buying coffee through various channels. This position will also oversee our production facility, so managerial experience is also ideal. Please send resumes to

Bongo Java hiring a Wholesale Coffee Manager. If you're a coffee professional who is entrepreneurial, has a track record of growing people as well as a business and are looking for an opportunity to run a wholesale coffee company, then send your resume quickly. We're looking for a passionate, energetic leader who understands the industry. Send resume to


Cup For Education is a non-profit organization designed to help poor rural coffee communities of Central and Latin America build schools within their communities and assist in providing them with teachers and the basic tools needed to educate the future generations of coffee farmers. Cup for Education sponsors a teacher for the Solidarity School in the community of Los Alpes in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Entering its second year, Karen Gordon, president and founder of CFE, says, “We are pleased to have raised enough funds to enable us to sponsor the teacher again for the school. The additional teacher allows this community to send children to school to further their education by another grade level.” For more information, go to or call 800.458.2233.


Diedrich CR-25 for sale. $49,950. Comes with exhaust system & ready to go to work for you. We just installed a new Diedrich CR-35. We love our Diedrich Roasters, we've got five! Call us at 512.535.1058 for more information.

Cowboy Joe

2018 Deidrich CR-35 for sale. Never been used, beautiful Deidrich roasting system including Zenith 11 automated roast control, pneumatic loader 35 and 140 kg destoner. Current owner no longer has need for roaster. Capacity Range 3.5kg–35kg/batch. Roast time: 11–15 minutes. Contact for pricing.

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Solar Shop Roaster 4.4-lb. The most advanced shop and cafe roaster in the world. Superb roasting quality, compact design and exceptional reliability.
Avirnaki smoke trapping system. A smoke-free solution for roasting facilities and coffeehouses. No need for ducting; connected to the roaster’s exhaust, it absorbs the smoke and odors. $14,000. For more information, contact

Cowboy Joe

Place a classified on using the order form below. Classified listings start at $50/issue. Send completed forms to Claire at

Questions? Email Claire at or call 503.282.2399.

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