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Lily Kubota

Narrated by Lily Kubota, managing editor and digital content manager for Roast

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Roasting Plant Continuity Planning
Developing the Plan

by Andi Trindle Mersch

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Baked Beans
Observations on Water Content During Coffee Roasting

by James Davison

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Technically Speaking
Understanding the Potential in Your Coffee Roasting Machine

by Anne Cooper

Listen to an interview with author Anne Cooper on the Keys to the Shop podcast "Rate of Rise".

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Quality Variations
Defining and Measuring Quality in Coffee From Production to Preparation

by Spencer Turer

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Technically Speaking
The Decaffeination Process

by Candice Madison

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The Sensory Evaluation of Coffee
Sensory Science Principles in Action

by Olivia Auell and Jean-Xavier Guinard

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Working with the Government
Permits and Emissions Requirements for Coffee Roasters

by Tracy Allen

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