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Connie Blumhardt | Publisher

The founder and publisher of Roast magazine, Connie has spent 25 years in magazine publishing and has worked in the coffee industry for the last 20 years. Connie brings the same passion and commitment to this industry journal that is present within the roasting community. Connie can be contacted at

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Emily Puro | Editor

Emily has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist and editor. She is passionate about great writing and research, and she's committed to maintaining the standard of excellence readers have come to expect in the pages of Roast. Send her an email at

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Jeremy Leff | Art Director and Webmaster

Jeremy brings 30 years of design and computer experience to the magazine. He has a fresh and creative edge that keeps the pages of Roast looking classic and clean. Jeremy can be reached at

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Beth Winburne | Circulation Manager

Beth has been with Roast since 2005. With extensive customer service experience, she is committed to serving Roast readers, developing easier ways to subscribe and growing circulation numbers. For subscription questions please contact Beth at

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Claire Harriman | Operations Manager

The operations manager of Roast Magazine, Claire has over 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations and sales across print and digital channels. Claire appreciates the craft and devotion to great coffee shared by so many people in the specialty coffee industry and brings that same dedication to the readers of Roast and Daily Coffee News. Claire can be reached at

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Lily Kubota | Digital Content Manager

The digital content manager of Roast Magazine, Lily has 10 years of experience in marketing and communications in the coffee industry. She supports social media, content marketing, and community engagement for Roast, as well as reporting for Roast Magazine's Daily Coffee News. She can be reached at

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Nick Brown | Daily Coffee News, Editorial Director

The editorial director of Roast Magazine's Daily Coffee News, Nick has spent his entire career as a full-time reporter and editor, from hard news to monthly magazines. His editorial work has earned individual and group awards from associations including the New England Newspaper & Press Association, the American Society of Business Publication Editors and the Western Publishing Association. When not chasing stories, Nick has worked as a marketing consultant for numerous coffee companies, and he occasionally teaches nonfiction writing at a local college. 

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Howard Bryman | Daily Coffee News, Associate Editor

The associate editor of Roast Magazine's Daily Coffee News, Howard Bryman enjoys scrutinizing coffee almost as much as drinking it. With roots in journalism and publishing sustained for years by work as a barista, trainer and manager, his experiences as a roaster's apprentice, origin tourist and equipment tinkerer were accrued more or less for fun. Writing and coffee for him fit together like a tamper in a portafilter.

Copy Editor
 Kelly Stewart

Editorial Advisory Board

Phil Beattie, Dillanos Coffee
Anne Cooper, Equilibrium Master Roasters
Darrin Daniel, Alliance for Coffee Excellence
Mike Ebert, Firedancer Coffee Consultants
Karen Gordon, Coffee Holding Company
Cameron Heath, Revelator Coffee
Rob Hoos, Nossa Familia Coffee
Sevan Istanboulian, Cafe Mystique Coffee Inc.
Candice Madison, Coffee Education Consultant
Scott Merle, La Minita Coffee
David Pohl, Pohl Coffee Consulting
Joseph A. Rivera,
Donald N. Schoenholt, Gillies Coffee
Spencer Turer, Coffee Enterprises
Geoff Watts, Intelligentsia Coffee

Roast magazine is published bi-monthly by JC Publishing.
Subscriptions are $35/year for subscribers in the United States, $55/year for Canada, and $65/year for all other countries. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher.
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