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Cover Photo:
Barista in the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon, featuring a mug from Mazama Wares. | Photo by Mark Shimahara

May | June 2016


From the Publisher

News Item
Coffee Kids: Behind the Reorganization

The Coffee Review
Trolling the Supermarkets for Single-Origin Coffees

The Firestarters
Mason Brown from Two Brothers Coffee Roasters

Finding a Roaster’s Utopia at the SCAA Expo

First Crack
Hot Products & Fresh Press

Trade Show Calendar

Advertiser Index

Parting Shot


A Focus on Flaws
Do You Use the SCAA’s Green Arabica Coffee Classification System?

Family Matters
The Joys and Challenges of Working With Family

State of Potential
Myanmar Emerges as a Specialty Coffee Producer

Write It Up
A Practical Guide to Documenting Business Procedures

What Goes Around ...
How Coffee Waste Is Fueling a Circular Economy

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