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September | October 2016

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Schooley, while cruising around Portland with me in a Plymouth Duster, circa 2011.
Other than me, no one has occupied as many pages in Roast as Chris Schooley, the writer of our Firestarters column.

For almost 10 years, Chris has written for Roast, and I grew up with him in our industry for another 10 years before that. We both started in coffee in 1997.

With this issue, Chris will end his writing stretch with Roast—at least for the foreseeable future—and will no longer grace the pages with his technical expertise and sly wit. Chris has started his own malting business called Troubadour Maltings. I am excited to watch him achieve even greater success in the beer world. The beer industry has no idea how lucky it is to have caught Chris’s interest. I know he will be successful because passion, intelligence and humor are not coffee-specific traits, they are the specific traits of Chris Schooley.

Chris has led the way in organizing the roasting community. He spent several years on the Roasters Guild Executive Council, including a stretch as chair. I know many of you have encountered him in one of his numerous volunteer roles at Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) events, most likely in the roasting labs, testing, teaching and encouraging.

As his friend Lily Kubota at the SCAA says, “He’s done so much to support people over the years and given countless hours of his time to the work that needed to be done.”

I am sure if I gave him a chance to comment on this column, he would claim that he gets more than he gives from helping others, and that he’s learned about roasting because he is so interested in the people who roast. I think that’s the lesson I take from knowing Chris all these years: Respect is earned by how much you care about others.

I thank him for all the columns and all the laughs across the years, and I look forward to watching him continue to grow in the future.

With deep regard,


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