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November | December 2016

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Community on every level. This was a common theme that emerged as I reviewed the stories of our Roasters of the Year for 2017.

Both Thanksgiving Coffee Company (2017 Macro Roaster of the Year) and Mudhouse Coffee Roasters (2017 Micro Roaster of the Year) are exemplary in their commitment to community on the personal, local, industry and global levels, and although many companies strive toward these same ideals, few can boast about improving their communities day in and day out for decades.

In reading their stories, I was struck by the fact that both companies were founded by independent-spirited husband-and-wife teams. These independent thinking individuals built their communities one person at a time, working closely with each other, their employees, their customers, local charities and on to national associations and international importers and growers. What we are able to learn from both Mudhouse and Thanksgiving is that, even as they drive and build their ever-expanding real (not virtual) community networks, they are able to draw strength and inspiration from those same communities to continue to improve their businesses.

Both of these companies not only exemplify the ideals we want to recognize through our Roaster of the Year competition, but both have done so for decades. They didn’t set out to make grand stories of their businesses, but they have grand stories to tell because each has stayed true to its original purpose and vision.

Finally, all communities are dynamic, and Roast is no exception. With this issue, we are bidding a very fond farewell to our general manager, Kelsey Klebba. She will be leaving Roast to join her husband in running Travel Tees. (Take a peek at their awesome designs at

All of us, along with many others throughout our industry, will miss her friendly smile and dedication to all things coffee, and we thank her for her time with us at Roast.

Warmest Wishes,

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