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As the saying goes, it’s a small, small world. However, our small world also has more than 7 billion people, and an increasing number of those people are drinking coffee.

A number of traditional tea-drinking countries, such as India and China, and a number of coffee-producing countries, such as Brazil and Colombia, are embracing coffee consumption. In these places, coffee consumers are quickly catching up to world standards for specialty coffee.

Since coffee is best roasted and served as a local product, this creates a significant challenge for roasters and other coffee professionals in those countries. Even with terabytes and terabytes of data available through the Internet (though not in all countries), it is difficult to sort through what is dependable and what is just plain wrong when it comes to specialty coffee.

It was with this in mind that Roast recognized the need to produce editions in languages other than English. Our mission has always been for our team and our industry experts to provide consistently authoritative content and to guide people who start from very different levels of experience in coffee. Making this content available in the native language of a coffee roaster is a continuation of that mission, both to increase the reach of industry knowledge to non-English speakers and to increase the comprehension of that content for readers whose native language is not English.

I am proud to announce that this month, Roast en Español is joining Roast Korea, Roast China, and Roast (in English) as our fourth publication. I am very excited that our Spanish-language edition not only will provide coffee quality education for roasters in Spanish-speaking countries, but that it also will reach the many coffee producers living in these countries. This will provide producers with insight into what roasters and consumers define as specialty coffee, and that will benefit all of us in a world in which the demand for high-quality coffee is in danger of far outpacing the supply. I look forward to touring a coffee farm in El Salvador or Colombia or Honduras someday soon, and finding a copy of Roast en Español with well-worn edges and dog-eared pages.

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